Benefits of Affiliation

To view the 2016 Benefits of Affiliation brochure in a PDF format, click here.


Governmental Affairs

  • One of the League’s top priorities is to work continuously with Indiana’s Congressional Delegation and state legislators to promote and protect credit union interests in Washington and at the Statehouse. In Congress, we continue to emphasize the need to increase retail merchant responsibility for data breaches, the need for regulatory relief and additional credit union powers like a higher member business lending cap, and the ongoing importance of credit unions’ tax exempt status. At the state-level, staff reviewed 1,200 bills introduced during the 2015 session of the Indiana General Assembly and identified nearly 100 that could have impacted credit unions. The League actively lobbied on many of these issues including a bill that updated the State Credit Union Act and bills related to abandoned properties and foreclosures, DFI funding, and several other issues.
  • The League again organized successful trips to Washington, D.C. including participation in the annual CUNA GAC attended by more than 100 participants from Indiana credit unions and a Hike the Hill trip in May. The Hike the Hill trip included a visit to the NCUA headquarters and meetings with all three NCUA board members and key NCUA staff. In addition, the League organized two Congressional District meetings and attended numerous Congressional and state-level candidate fundraisers.
  • The League continues to encourage political involvement among credit union leaders and to successfully develop a strong, organized, and well-informed grassroots network through political programs like voterVOICE, the Political Advocacy Portal, and Project Zip Code.
  • ICUPAC/CULAC fundraising, through initiatives like Capitol Club and the ACH program, has allowed us to contribute tens of thousands of dollars to state and federal candidates in recent election cycles.

Regulatory & Consulting Assistance

  • Considerable resources are focused on advocating credit union interests on the regulatory front. Efforts include ongoing interface with regulatory agencies. This includes submitting comment letters to the CFPB, NCUA, the Fed and other agencies; and detailed analysis of new and proposed regulations.
  • Credit unions taking advantage of the League’s consulting services find the answers to many questions, including: How do we keep up with the multitude of regulatory changes and ensure that we are in compliance? What can we do to help our members facing financial difficulties? Are we in compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act? What strategic lending initiatives should we consider? What are examiners focusing on, and are we ready for our next examination? How should we approach planning for the future? Our consulting staff responds to over 1,100 questions each year by phone, email or in person.
  • A dues-supported service with an annual value of more than $1,900 per credit union, CU PolicyPro provides an online Operations Policy Manual which contains more than 200 model policies that have been researched, developed and written specifically for credit unions by regulatory experts. CU PolicyPro not only includes the model policy content, but a full policy management system that allows credit unions to customize any model content to fit the credit union’s own operations. Currently, 115 credit unions have registered to use this resource.
  • InfoSight is a dues-supported, Internet-based compliance system that provides a quick and seamless way to obtain answers to state or federal regulatory and compliance questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Indiana credit union staff access this site over 5,000 times per year.
  • Our consulting staff is dedicated to helping credit unions succeed. We continue to allocate more resources for supporting credit unions’ compliance efforts.

Education and Training

  • League staff organized and/or presented more than 65 days of training to more than 1,000 credit union employees and officials from over 100 credit unions in the past year.
  • The League plans a similar full calendar of events in 2016. Sessions are presented centrally at the League office, regionally in a number of locations, as inexpensive webinars and in one-on-one sessions at many credit unions. The League is known for providing high-quality presenters at reasonable prices. The League will also be partnering with a third party provider of high quality webinars that will add over 100 additional education events in 2016.
  • A special resource section devoted to credit union officials/volunteers is part of the League website.
  • The League coordinates several self-study programs that include nationally recognized certifications. These include the Management Enrichment Training (MERIT), the Staff Training and Recognition (STAR) program and the Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP).
  • Based on the feedback from our affiliates, we provide training and education on the issues that are the most important to Hoosier credit unions.

Communications/Public Relations

  • The League is committed to conveying and enhancing communications between and about Indiana credit unions. This includes the weekly League Link and In the Media emails, the Management Update newsletter and a variety of other communication vehicles.
  • The League’s Marketplace portals provide an online community that allows affiliates to start discussions, make comments, create conversations and post documents. Monitored by League staff, these 10 portals appeal to a variety of management, staff and volunteers/officials responsibilities. The portals focus on areas such as volunteers/officials, compliance, marketing, lending and more.
  • The League continues to focus on media interface, website enhancements and community relations efforts including financial literacy. We keep our affiliates up-to-date on important developments in the state as well as in the national credit union community.
  • Dues support Indiana credit unions’ participation in a national database designed to match potential members with a credit union they can join and a national consumer-oriented website (
  • Key online resources for affiliates are available on the League website ( where the most popular content is related to compliance, regulatory/legislative information and education sessions.


  • The League serves as the primary vehicle for networking and collaboration among Indiana credit unions.
  • The recent introduction of Marketplace portals allows affiliates to share documents with one another and hold online conversations with credit union peers.
  • The ignite initiative began in 2007. The ignite working groups have developed 30 distinctive innovations to assist credit unions in serving their members, many of which have been piloted or implemented in Indiana.
  • The League has helped the networking process for several groups of credit union professionals and volunteers/officials. These have included networking and collaboration meetings on CUSO information sharing, business lending, mortgage lending, regulatory compliance, technology, marketing and CFO-related topics.

Annual Meeting/Convention

  • This is a highlight for credit union management, staff and officials, allowing opportunities for education, general networking and the chance to meet with key vendors in an exhibit hall setting that are not available at any other time during the year.
  • The League’s convention and annual meeting provides a forum for strengthening the credit union movement in our state. At the annual meeting, affiliates participate in the democratic process, a founding principle of the credit union movement. At the 2015 Convention in Indianapolis, the League hosted more than 500 attendees from credit unions representing more than 85 percent of Indiana’s 2.3 million credit union members. The 2016 Convention is tentatively scheduled for October 12-14.

The Indiana Credit Union Foundation

  • Seven directors representing credit unions from throughout the state comprise the Foundation board and oversee this organization, which receives ongoing support from the League.
  • The Foundation is committed to utilizing its resources for the betterment of credit unions through professional development assistance, disaster recovery, financial education, community outreach and ongoing credit union development programs.
  • Donations come from numerous sources. The Foundation has received more than $870,000 since its inception and has awarded more than $390,000 in scholarships and over $315,000 in grants. Most recently, this includes working with credit unions and credit union foundations in Indiana to provide financial literacy in their communities, helping credit union employees become Certified Financial Literacy Counselors and ongoing support of the BizKid$ financial literacy program that airs on PBS stations.

CU System Coordination

  • Dues are used by the League for interfacing, coordinating, and managing relationships on Indiana credit unions’ behalf with various state and national credit union system organizations (CUNA, NCUA, Indiana DFI, etc.)

Uses of Dues Dollars

  • League dues represent less than one fourth of one percent of total Indiana credit union operating expenses, which is a lower percent than any time in the past eleven years. We are operating on a deficit budget in order to keep dues costs lower for credit unions.
  • Affiliation with the Indiana Credit Union League provides value to our state’s credit unions in many areas. The chart above shows how the League uses dues dollars to provide key services for its affiliates. Each $100 in dues receipts is allocated as follows:
    • $36 for Governmental Affairs
    • $28 for Regulatory & Consulting Assistance
    • $15 for Communications/Public Relations
    • $ 8 for Education
    • $ 4 for the Annual Meeting/Convention
    • $ 9 for CU System Coordination