The Indiana Credit Union League is the trade association representing Indiana credit unions. Those credit unions serve more than 2 million Hoosiers. The League helps credit unions succeed in many ways:

·         Through advocacy efforts that protect and further credit union interests.
·         By offering consultation, legislative and regulatory support to credit unions.
·         By providing public relations, operational and technical assistance, education and training.
The League is a center point for credit union collaboration. Affiliates come together regularly through League events and programs to gather ideas, inspiration and tools to help them provide the best products and services for their members.
The League was created in 1925, but we celebrate our anniversary from 1934, the year in which we joined the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and became an official part of the credit union system. In 1934, the League had no employees, only 11 board members who helped create credit unions in Indiana. Of course, the role of the League has expanded greatly since then.
As a not-for-profit organization, the League is funded by dues from affiliated credit unions. Other revenue is generated from its wholly owned subsidiary, the ICUL Services Corporation (Servicecorp). Both organizations work under the same roof, president and board of directors.
Servicecorp is a credit union-owned cooperative organization that networks the collective business volume of credit unions to offer affordable products and services. This collaborative arrangement enables credit unions to offer more services — at lower costs — than they could on their own.
The League is part of a national credit union network that includes credit unions, state leagues and CUNA.