The Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Recognition Program was established to encourage credit union and chapter involvement in community projects and activities. Community involvement can enhance your credit union’s image and is a great opportunity to give something back to the community.

Credit unions compete with others in their asset category for the Dora Maxwell award. First-place winners at the state level advance to the national competition, where they vie with credit unions of similar size throughout the country.

This award is named after Dora Maxwell, a credit union pioneer who worked with numerous organizations to improve the living standards of the poor and needy.

Winners are announced during the Chairman's Awards Banquet at the League's annual convention.  First-place winners are forwarded to CUNA for the national competition.

The following information should answer any questions you have about these awards programs. If you need additional help, call the Communications Department.

What is the Dora Maxwell Award? How does it work?
Your credit union or chapter can participate in a wide variety of community outreach activities. Take a look at your community and assess its needs. They might include fund raising for charity, making classroom presentations, sponsoring community activities, or loaning employees for a few hours a week to work in hospitals, retirement homes or shelters. You can make a difference in your community. Get involved, and then enter the Dora Maxwell award program. As you document your activities, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. What were the goals of your project and how did they show social concern for the community?
  2. How did the project support the needs of the community?
  3. Define the project's target audience(s), including who got involved and who benefited from the project.
  4. What strategies were used to reach the project's goal?
  5. How were the project's promotional materials targeted to the intended audience(s) and how did they communicate the project's goals?
  6. How is this project unique? How does it demonstrate extraordinary effort and devotion of time and organization by the credit union?
  7. Please describe the measurable or defined results the project achieved.

The Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Recognition Award recognizes credit unions for external activities within the community.

Sample Dora Maxwell Award activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping solve core community problems, such as housing, transportation, hunger, or literacy.
  • Food, clothing, or school supply drives for the needy.
  • Raising money on behalf of charitable organizations, such as the United Way or Credit Unions for Kids®.
  • Helping an organization or agency with events or projects, such as coaching a Special Olympics team.
  • Tutoring or reading to students at a local school.
  • Sponsoring a community volunteer of the year award.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Who was Dora Maxwell?
A: Dora Maxwell was an early credit union pioneer. One of the original signers of CUNA's constitution at Estes Park, Colorado, she worked as an organizer for the movement's trade association (then called the Credit Union National Extension Bureau) and held numerous volunteer positions at the local and national level. In addition to organizing hundreds of credit unions, she developed volunteer organizer clubs and worked with organizations on behalf of the poor.

Q: What time period do the award entries cover?
A: Leagues determine any qualifying time frames. In general, entries should cover the previous year's activities, but there are no exact deadlines prescribed. A good rule of thumb is that entries submitted by the deadline should cover activities that took place between the submission date and the same date during the previous year.

Q: What's the difference between the Louise Herring Award and the Dora Maxwell Award?
A: The Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Recognition Award is given to a credit union or chapter for its social responsibility projects within the community. The award is given for external activities. The Louise Herring Award for Philosophy in Action is given to a credit union for its practical application of credit union philosophy within the actual operation of the credit union. It is awarded for internal programs and services.

Q: Can a credit union enter both competitions?
A: Yes. Just be sure to clearly define which program the credit union is entering and how the activities submitted meet the program guidelines.

Q: Can a credit union enter the same entry in both competitions?
A: No. Because each program has different objectives and requirements, entries should be tailored to match the defined goals of the particular competition.

Q: Can a credit union submit the same entry to more than one-league for state-level judging?
A: No. A credit union's entry may only be submitted to one league, even if the credit union pays dues in more than one state.

Q. Can a credit union submit more than one entry in either competition?
A. Generally, a credit union should submit only one entry per competition. Each entry can list the number of projects conducted in the timeframe established by the League, but the credit union must select one project that best exemplifies the criteria for each award. The questions on the entry form must be completed detailing the one project that was selected.

Q: Can members of a chapter submit their credit union's activities that were conducted as part of a Chapter?
A: No. Chapter's entries are judged based on their collective activities, i.e., what was accomplished as a group, not on individual efforts.

Q: Can chapters enter the Louise Herring Award for Philosophy in Action competition?
A: No. The Louise Herring Award for Philosophy in Action criteria is based on individual credit union performance.

Secrets of a Winning Entry

Ever wonder what judges are looking for when they select the winners in the national recognition programs? Here's the scoop:

  • Review the entry form carefully and answer all of the questions. The scoring is based on these elements, so the more information you provide in response to the questions, the higher your score.
  • Read the rules, and make sure you're entering the appropriate competition. Remember: Dora Maxwell entries should focus on community involvement, or social responsibility programs external to the credit union. Louise Herring entries should be based on your credit union's internal programs and provide examples of how you put philosophy into action for your members.
  • Make your entry easy to read and easy to follow. Include the name of your credit union on the front cover of the binder. Use a table of contents. Avoid handwritten entries, and use standard fonts: no italic style or small print. Misspellings leave a bad impression, too.
  • Clearly identify your target audience. Who is involved in your project? Who is doing the work? Who are the beneficiaries? How many people did you reach? While giving donations is admirable, the judges also look for strong volunteer involvement.
  • Identify your results. Your results should correspond to your goals and objectives.
  • If you submit a video, keep it short. A well-done five-minute video is more impressive than 40 minutes of your charity golf tournament.
  • Bigger isn't always better. Keep your entry to a manageable size. Keep it fresh: Include current activities only, not programs or events from several years ago.
  • Include samples or descriptions of the promotional materials related to the entry, not for your used-vehicle sale or most successful loan promotion.

Of course, only a limited number of entries can win at the state and national levels. But by heeding this advice, you can improve your chances of receiving recognition for your good works.

Who was Dora Maxwell?


Dora Maxwell, a true pioneer of the credit union movement, was elected to the first board of directors of the New York State Credit Union League in 1921.

In 1931, Dora was employed as an organizer for the Credit Union Nation Extension Bureau--today known as the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). Dora was one of the original signers of CUNA's constitution at Estes Park in Colorado. She held numerous volunteer positions within the movement and was active locally and nationally until 1955.

In addition to organizing hundreds of credit unions, Dora Maxwell developed volunteer organizer clubs and worked with several organizations to help improve the living standards of the poor and needy.

2014 Winners

ASSET CATEGORY: Less than $50 million
1st Place: Financial Health FCU
olunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
When money is available, predators will take advantage of low income households. When Financial Health FCU saw the negative impact of high-cost tax prep fees and rapid anticipation loans on low income households in the community, they decided to offer Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) to counter the problem. VITA provides free tax prep for tax filers with household income less than $57,000. In 2010, to encourage tax filers to avoid predatory preparers who disguise high-interest rapid anticipation loans as tax prep fees, the credit union trained tax prep volunteers from Methodist Hospital and credit union staff, who were then able to prepare 220 tax returns at no cost to the filers and help them receive over $612,000 in refunds. In following years, additional tax prep sites were added and hours of availability were expanded. In 2014, 27 volunteers and staff assisted more than 800 filers in receiving more than $1,718,755 in refunds. In five years, the project has helped 2,551 tax filers receive refunds of more than $6,200,000 and has saved those filers conservatively $510,000 in fees. VITA has a profound impact for both credit union members and the community beyond. In 2014, 42% of people served by the program were non-members.

ASSET CATEGORY: $50-100 million
1st Place: Natco CU
Natco Community Empowerment Center
Over the past two decades, a discouraging trend has emerged that has deeply affected the members of Natco CU. Several manufacturing plants, which served as employment and income for thousands in the community, have closed or left the area. Several thousand jobs have been cut, resulting in foreclosed homes and unemployed families in need of help. Natco CU wanted to do all they could to prevent the community from spiraling downward, so they decided to create a way for members of the community to create positive change for themselves. The credit union has created the Natco Community Empowerment Center (NCEC) as a "one-stop shop" program where lives can be changed and community growth can begin. The no-cost center is located in the heart of the community and delivers an effective and unique approach to implementing various services tools and resources for those who want and need to overcome poverty. For credit union members and non-members alike, it provides such services as emergency needs assistance, resume and job-seeking assistance, financial literacy education, computer/internet/online schooling access, tax assistance, payday loan alternatives, youth outreach and many, many more. The center is staffed by Certified Community Development Financial Counselors and offers a welcoming, safe environment that is conducive to overcoming barriers. Services are provided in both one-on-one and groups in the center and outside of it with a community mobile outreach program. NCEC has already changed the lives of many by helping eliminate the barriers of defeat and apathy through providing the tools and support needed for credit union and community members to move out of poverty and become self-sustaining.
2nd Place: General CU
Cheerleaders for Allison
When long-time General CU member Allison Stier discovered she had a very rare and aggressive form of inflammatory breast cancer, General CU adopted Allison and her family. Both Allison and her husband are self-employed, which meant that they had little health insurance. Because of aggressive treatments that started immediately, she was not able to work. Her husband, Garrett, and 10-year-old son Carson have carried the load for the family while Allison has had to undergo multiple surgeries and chemotherapy in the past year. Since this is the second year of Allison’s battle against cancer and many of her early support systems are no longer available, the staff at the credit union devised a number of fundraisers to support the Stier family including selling breast cancer merchandise, jeans days, and donation jars and hang-tags for purchase in the lobby. A credit union employee also designed a special breast cancer t-shirt that staff could donate money to wear on "T-Shirt Tuesdays" to promote awareness.
A very successful fundraising project was the Nelson’s Port-A-Pit barbecue and "pre-owned" rummage sale that was held at the Dupont branch. Credit union staff took turns selling the items and food and, after profits and donations from the event were totaled, were able to provide Allison with a check for $2,500. Additionally, the General CU team also raised over $1,000 in Allison’s name at the American Cancer Society’s "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" walk. General CU senior management staff helped make Christmas merry for the Stier family by donating funds to purchase gifts and holiday dinner. GCU also had a mobile mammography coach visit the branch so that other women without insurance could have the opportunity for a check-up. Allison continues her battle with cancer, and staff at General CU are making continued efforts to assist her and keep her spirits up.
Honorable Mention: Indiana State University FCU
Fill Your Freezer
ISU FCU banded around one of its own when a teller’s son was diagnosed with Spindle Cell Sarcoma. A 10-day fundraiser was put together to raise money for the mom and her 7-year-old son. ISU FCU members donated a pig to be raffled off at the end of the 10 days and it was promoted as a "Fill Your Freezer’ raffle. The goal of the fundraiser was to raise $1,000 but that goal was surpassed and just over $3,000 was raised. The credit union spread the word about the fundraiser through radio, TV, and print as well as using social media advertising. It was also promoted at the county fair which helped push the fundraiser into even more of the spotlight because the pig being raffled off was on display at the fair. This project brought the ISU FCU membership and the Terre Haute community together in an effort to help a little boy’s family who was in need. The fundraiser was the first of its kind for the credit union. It was a great example of the credit union movement motto of people helping people.
ASSET CATEGORY: $100-200 million
1st Place: Encompass FCU
Run for a Reason
Each year credit union employees work together to raise funds for a local cause that they select, and this year, The Tipton County group Backpack Blessings benefitted from the generosity of Encompass FCU’s Run for a Reason, a 5K race. The group is a non-denominational Church-based organization that ensures students in need have access and means to meet their nutritional needs over weekends and breaks from school when there is no school lunch program. The group collects donations and fills backpacks with enough food to supply each child with balanced meals throughout the weekend. The event had 163 participants and 25 employee volunteers. Representatives from Backpack Blessings were on hand the day of the event, both participating and observing. Historically Encompass FCU’s fundraising efforts have centered on jean days and bake sales, but this year employees wanted to do something different to promote healthy living and to raise awareness for a tremendous local organization. Promotion in advance of the event included posting information on running club sites; jean days where staff wore race shirts, promotional articles in the local newspaper and weekly mentions at churches that partner with Backpack Blessings.
Tipton County recently added a walking trail through the city park that was able to be incorporated into the 5K route which brought positive attention to city government. Most of the city police officers, emergency response personnel, firefighters and Sherriff’s Department participated in full uniform and gear which provided a great deal of awareness as well. The school system was included in the project in that the finish line for the 5K was on the track around the high school football field. Two schools in Tipton County have a Backpack Blessings program. They were able to share the proceeds of Encompass FCU’s Run for a Reason—more than $3,000 was raised.
Gabriel's Horn Women's Shelter
By bringing financial education to the women at Gabriel’s Horn Homeless Women’s Shelter in Valparaiso, the credit union helped the residents begin to take control of their financial well-being while improving their self-esteem, confidence and determination. REGIONAL FCU was able to communicate the opportunities available for financial success—even in the face of the adversity the residents face. The credit union’s VP of Branch Development visits the shelter each quarter to make a presentation and answer questions for a new group of women. Quarterly follow-ups with the center director helped keep things on track. When presenting at the shelter, the representatives of the credit union always make sure to listen as the women share their stories, goals and dreams. The credit union’s Step-Up credit rebuilding program is extended to those who are ready. Additionally, REGIONAL FCU hosted a holiday gift drive for the shelter. Credit union members brought enough items to fill a van to the ceiling and to provide Christmas gifts for every resident of the shelter.
ASSET CATEGORY: $200-500 million
1st Place: Heritage FCU
Zoo Tram
Heritage FCU has a long history of giving back to the community. Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden in Evansvile is one of the oldest and largest zoos in the state. It has been a much-appreciated fixture in the community since 1928 and relies heavily on private donations and support from surrounding communities. Heritage FCU decided to form a partnership with the zoo and thus was able to discover various areas of need throughout the zoo. The first thing visitors see upon entering is the Zoo Tram, and it was in particular need of a makeover, so the credit union decided to cover up its plain appearance and turn it into a showpiece for the zoo that the community could be proud of. They developed a colorful design that incorporated the types of animals featured at the zoo along with tribal patterns and key action words such as "interact," "explore," "observe," and "preserve." The zoo hopes to educate all of its visitors about the importance of protecting our world and with the refurbished and improved zoo tram, Heritage FCU helps provide a memorable educational experience for the families and children that visit the zoo, connects people with nature and inspires them to protect animals in their community and around the world.
2nd Place: Financial Center FCU
Golf Outing - Three Pillars
Financial Center’s annual charity golf outing supported the credit union’s three pillars of community outreach this year: honoring the military, feeding the hungry, and providing financial education to members and the community. Financial Center is proud to to count the 2014 outing as its most successful yet, raising over $22,000 for the Indiana Military Veterans Hall of Fame (IMVHOF), the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, and the new Cupboard Food Pantry in Lawrence. Contributions to the local food pantries will feed hundreds of people over the coming months and allow the newly formed IMVHOF to honor Hoosier Veterans throughout the state. Financial Center employees including its Chairman of the Board and its VP of Member Development were heavily involved in the organization of the IMVHOF and continue to support its rollout and inaugural inductee banquet being held in November. While golf outings are certainly not unique, the level of commitment by the staff is what is extraordinary. Nearly 20 employees donated over 200 hours of volunteer time to make the outing a success.
ASSET CATEGORY: $1 billion+
1st Place: Indiana Members CU
IPS #44
In order to concentrate its efforts to improve the educational and social needs of children in the community and stay true to its educational roots, Indiana Members CU decided to adopt IPS #44, which is located in a challenged area of Indianapolis. Credit union staff familiar with the needs of the school compiled a list of activities they could participate in to benefit the school. Indiana Members CU organized a number of fundraisers including the "Masquerade Ball" event at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, a plant sale, a community yard sale, Terry’s Good Deeds and Jeans Fridays. Fundraising efforts helped meet the determined project budget of $28,000. That money was used to provide students at the school with 500 full mandatory school uniforms through "Clarissa’s Closet" at the school, backpacks full of school supplies for each student and 1.77 tons of food in the school’s food pantry. It was also used to expand the size of the pantry and install additional shelving. Additionally, the credit union funded several educational and celebratory events for the students and staff throughout the year including, among others, a toy giveaway, a Fall Festival, a zoo field trip, a Student Incentive Program and a Holiday Cheer party during which each student was given a scarf and a gift and teachers and staff were provided with the ingredients for a turkey dinner in recognition of their dedicated hard work. Credit union staff also volunteered to work with and mentor students at IPS #44 throughout the year to help them achieve success in reading and other academic goals. Indiana Members CU’s efforts at IPS #44 help fill in gaps in funding, assist the school in meeting annual accreditation requirements and provide positive examples to the students, letting them know that there are people in their community concerned about their needs and who want to help them increase their chances for success.
ASSET CATEGORY: Multiple Credit Unions Group
1st Place: Credit Unions United for a Cause/White River Valley Chapter
International Credit Union Day - Day of Kindness
International Credit Union (ICU) Day is set aside to reflect upon the credit union movement’s history and promote its achievements and also to honor the hard work of those working in the credit union industry and show appreciation for members. Credit Unions United for a Cause – a group of credit unions from the White River Valley Chapter comprised of Ball State FCU, First County FCU, Industrial Centre FCU and PrimeTrust FCU – decided celebrate ICU Day by sending out "kindness crews" to perform random acts of kindness throughout Delaware County. The kindness crews purchased coffee for people in the community, paid for their lunches, brought doughnuts to public servants, supplied grocery bags and assisted with bagging groceries and many more random acts to celebrate the 2013 ICU Day theme "Credit Unions Unite for Good." In exchange for all of these kind acts, the credit unions gave a card to each person that they helped that requested that they "please pay the kindness forward" to another Delaware County citizen.

2013 Winners

ASSET CATEGORY: $20-50 million
1st Place: ITT Employees (Fort Wayne Div) FCU
Helping to Heal

ASSET CATEGORY: $50-100 million
1st Place: General CU
Adopting Allison

2nd Place: AAA FCU
Samaritan's Feet

ASSET CATEGORY: $200-500 million
1st Place: Financial Center FCU
Celebrating 60 years with 60 hours

ASSET CATEGORY: $500 million-1 billion
1st Place: FORUM CU
FORUM Spirit Advisory Council – Agapé

ASSET CATEGORY: $1 billion or more
1st Place (Tie): Beacon CU
Project Spotlight

1st Place (Tie): Indiana Members CU
IPS #44

2012 Winners

ASSET CATEGORY: $20-50 million
1st Place: CrossRoads Financial FCU
Tackling Hunger
ASSET CATEGORY: $50-100 million
1st Place: Fire Police City County FCU
911 Stair Climb and Public Safety Day
ASSET CATEGORY: $200-500 million
1st Place: Heritage FCU
People Helping People
2nd Place: Finance Center FCU
The Year of Volunteerism
ASSET CATEGORY: $500 million-1 billion
1st Place: Purdue FCU
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Fundraiser
ASSET CATEGORY: $1 billion or more
1st Place: Indiana Members CU
Backpack Attack

2011 Winners

1st Place: General CU
Mustard Seed Furniture Bank

2nd Place: AAA FCU
Tuscaloosa Project

Honorable Mention: Ball State FCU
American Cancer Society Week

Honorable Mention: Indiana State University FCU
C.U. Give campaign

1st Place: Finance Center FCU
Sh!ft Indiana

1st Place: Evansville Teachers FCU
Project PTA

2nd Place: FORUM CU
Indiana Children’s Wish Fund

1st Place: Indiana Members CU
2010 Backpack Attack

2010 Winners

First Place: Evansville Federal Credit Union
Empowering and educating young people about their lives today – and their futures

Second Place: ITT Employees’ (Fort Wayne Division) Federal Credit Union
Making sure that Santa and Mrs. Claus remember every child

First Place: Heritage Federal Credit Union
“People helping people” airs non-profits’ important attributes, messages

Second Place: Finance Center Federal Credit Union
A strong and actively participating partner in Indy’s Campaign for Financial Fitness

ASSET CATEGORY: Greater than $500 million
First Place: Indiana Members Credit Union
Backpack Attack gets students back to school with all the basic supplies they need

Second Place: IU Credit Union
When pulling a little red wagon emphasizes “Pulling for our community”

Honorable Mention: Centra Credit Union
We’re 70 and Still Cookin’ Serves up Tasty Recipes -- and Helps in a Major Crisis

Honorable Mention: FORUM Credit Union
Driven to make a difference in the lives of homeless families

Honorable Mention: Purdue Employees Federal Credit Union
Model of high level community service becomes new staff volunteerism benefit

2009 Winners

Asset category: $500 million+
First Place: Centra Credit Union
Responding to unprecedented disaster: Centra CU Flood Relief

Second Place: Indiana Members Credit Union
Starting the new school year: Indiana Members CU Backpack Attack

Honorable Mention: Beacon CU
Learn More Center

Honorable Mention: FORUM Credit Union
Filling a need softly: Forum CU Dayspring Pillow Drive

Honorable Mention: Purdue Employees Federal Credit Union
Going Green one Member at a Time: National Arbor Day Tree Planting, PEFCU

Asset Category: $200-$500 million
First Place: Finance Center Federal Credit Union
From feeding a few to feeding thousands: Mozel Sanders Thanksgiving Day Meal, Finance Center FCU

Asset Category: $100-$200 million
First Place: Industrial Federal Credit Union
Restocking the food bank: Industrial FCU 2008 Community Harvest

Second Place: Fort Financial Credit Union
Turning “treasures” to treats: Fort Financial CU Christmas Family Fund Flea Market

Asset Category: $50-$100 million
First Place: First Trust Credit Union
Helping fight cancer in the community: First Trust CU LaPorte County Relay for Life

Asset Category: $20-$50 million
First Place: Evansville Federal Credit Union
Making a Splash with the YMCA -- YMCA Splash Program, Evansville FCU

Asset Category: less than $5 million
First Place: Great Horizons Federal Credit Union
Raising funds from dusk to dawn: Great Horizons FCU Relay for Life

2008 Winners

First Place: Teachers Credit Union
Going Green: Plant a Tree Promotion

First Place: Three Rivers Federal Credit Union
Canstruction: Can Do Food Drive

Second Place: Purdue Employees Federal Credit Union
Brees Dream Foundation: First Annual Golf Outing

Honorable Mention: Professional Federal Credit Union
Charis House: Helping the Homeless

Honorable Mention: Interra Credit Union
Hometown Giving...Caring for Kids

Honorable Mention: Finance Center Federal Credit Union
Center for Leadership Development

First Place: Fire Police City County Federal Credit Union
Keeping Things Safe: Supporting the Fort Wayne Safety Day Event

Second Place: AAA Federal Credit Union
Care Packages: Supporting Our Troops

Honorable Mention: Chiphone Federal Credit Union
The Long and Short of It: Locks of Love

Honorable Mention: Independent Federal Credit Union
Grant for Economics: Teaching Financial Responsibility to Our Youth

First Place: Evansville Federal Credit Union
Together We’ll Make It Happen: Ruth’s House

First Place: Great Horizons Federal Credit Union
Supporting the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Event

2007 Winners

First Place: Great Horizons Federal Credit Union
People Helping People through the American Cancer Society

Asset Category: $5 - $20 million
First Place: Members United Federal Credit Union
Donations to Support Dunebrook’s Child Advocacy Center

Asset Category: $20 - $50 million
First Place: Perfect Circle Credit Union
Stuff the Bus with School Supplies

Second Place: Evansville Federal Credit Union
“Making It Happen” with Innovative Mini-Grants

Honorable mention: ITT Employees (Fort Wayne Division) Federal Credit Union
Bringing Holiday Cheer to the Children of Allen County’s Youth Services

Asset Category: $50-$100 million
First Place: First Trust Federal Credit Union
Feeding Families with the “Adopt a Turkey” Program

Second Place: General Credit Union
Supporting Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana and Breast Cancer Awareness

Honorable Mention: AAA Federal Credit Union
Hosting Blood Drive to Support Community’s Needs

Honorable Mention: Chiphone Federal Credit Union
Social Responsibility: The American Red Cross Blood Drive, Elkhart County Chapter

Honorable Mention: First Trust Federal Credit Union
Extraordinary Employee Teamwork to Support “Relay for Life” Event

Honorable Mention: Indiana State University Credit Union
Emphasizing the Importance of “Going Green” for Environmental Protection

Honorable Mention: Regional Federal Credit Union
Supporting the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in Valparaiso, IN

Asset Category: $100-$200 million
First Place: Fort Financial Federal Credit Union
Treasures and Charity in All that Junk

Asset Category: $200-$500 million

First Place: Finance Center Federal Credit Union
Development and Launch of Centro Financerio Express

Second Place: Elkhart County Farm Bureau Credit Union (FBCU)
Supporting Elkhart County’s Youth through 4-H Programs

Honorable Mention: Professional Federal Credit Union
Promoting Community Health and Wellness Through Blood Drives

Asset Category: $500+ million
First Place: FORUM Credit Union
Feeding Families in Northeast Indianapolis through Forest Manor Multi-Service Center

2006 Winners

First place: Great Horizons FCU
Beacon of Hope / Relay for Life

First place: Evansville FCU
Lunch and Learn Program

Second place: Unicorp FCU
Riley Children’s Hospital Fundraising Campaign

First place: General CU
Walk to Cure Diabetes / Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

First place: Fort Financial FCU
Hurricane Katrina — Chaos to Comfort

First place: Elkhart County Farm Bureau CU
American Cancer Society “Relay for Life”

Second place: Bayer FCU
Financial Literacy Seminar Program

Honorable Mention: Finance Center FCU
International Center Financial Literacy Training Program

Honorable Mention: Professional FCU
Hurricane Katrina Relief — RV Donation

First place: FORUM CU
Spirit Advisory Council

Second place: Evansville Teachers FCU
Celebrate the Season of Giving

Honorable Mention: Indiana Members CU
American Cancer Society Relay for Life

2005 Winners

First place: Great Horizons FCU
Wishing for a Cure

First place: Evansville FCU
Habitat for Humanity

Second place: AAA FCU
Research Funding for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Honorable mention: Taper Lock FCU
Riley Hospital – Credit Unions for Kids

First place: La-Porter FCU
Stuff a Bus

Second place: General CU
Walk America

First place: Fort Financial FCU
Piggies for Pattaya

First place: Elkhart County Farm Bureau CU
Relay for Life

Second place: Professional FCU
Focus on Health

First place: Evansville Teachers FCU
Health C.A.R.E Program

2004 Winners

First place: Great Horizons FCU
U.S. Male: Walking to Deliver a Cure

First place: Unicorp FCU
Have a Heart: Support Our Troops

Second place: AAA FCU
Night Walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

First place: La-Porter FCU
Give Hope Through the Salvation Army

First place: WGE FCU
Annual Christmas Project

Second place: Fort Financial FCU
Christmas Committee Family Sponsorship

First place: Elkhart County Farm Bureau CU
Pete's House

Second place: Indiana University EFCU
NEFE Partnership at five area schools

Honorable Mention: Professional FCU
Riley Hospital for Children Cookbook Sale

2003 Winners

First Place: Evansville FCU
Music in the Schools

Second Place: AAA FCU
Century Ride for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

First Place: WGE FCU
Christmas Project

Second Place: Fort Financial FCU
Christmas Help for Cancer Families

First Place: Elkhart County Farm Bureau Credit Union
Hometown Giving Holiday Service Project

Second Place: Professional FCU
YWCA's Self Sufficiency Project

Honorable Mention: Purdue EFCU
Family Services, Inc., Project