Indiana Credit Union Hall of Fame

Dave Fleming
Indiana Credit Union Hall of Fame Inductee 2018

Dave Fleming
Dave Fleming
Dave began his career working at Magnavox Credit Union in 1973 as a loan officer/collector. The credit union eventually became Philips Electronics Federal Credit Union, and Dave eventually became President/ CEO. The credit union, headquartered in Fort Wayne, serves members across the country through a network that includes branches in small communities and manufacturing facilities of the Magnavox and Philips companies. The name of the credit union was changed to Partners 1st FCU during Dave’s tenure. Today it serves more than 37,000 members. He has been an active member of numerous community and charitable organizations in northeast Indiana, and he served on the board of the Northeastern Chapter of Credit Unions. After retiring from the Partners 1st FCU, Dave was a volunteer board member for Union Baptist Church FCU in Fort Wayne, a credit union that he helped to develop. He has served credit unions throughout Indiana on various League committees and as a member of the League board of directors from 2008-17. He was chairman of the board from 2013-14. 
Doug True
Indiana Credit Union Hall of Fame Inductee 2018
Jerry Walters
Doug True
Frank started as a volunteer at what was then known as Marion Independent FCU. He joined the board in 1985 and has served in a volunteer capacity ever since, holding every position on the board including multiple terms as chairman. The credit union is now known as Afena FCU. His contributions to his credit union have been combined with two other careers over many years – he is retired from General Motors, and he has held teaching and instructional positions at a variety of institutions, including Ivy Tech. Frank served on the Indiana Credit Union League board from 2007-2016, and he was board chairman from 2012-2013. During his service, he was a champion for credit union volunteers, leading the way for web-based and in-person educational efforts and serving as a popular facilitator at the League’s Volunteers/Officials Leadership Conference. Frank’s service to credit unions extends beyond the state of Indiana. He has served on two national committees at CUNA, including the Awards Committee and the Volunteer Leadership Committee, where he is currently a member. He is also a board member of the Council of General Motors Credit Unions and a board member of the Combined Council of Credit Unions. 

Award Criteria

METHOD: The Awards Committee may select one person based upon the criteria relating to credit union, chapter, League, national, volunteer and community activities. Due to the criteria and qualification process, the Hall of Fame Award may not be presented every year. Nominations may be submitted by the Awards Committee or board of directors of any chapter or credit union in Indiana by completing a nomination form and returning it by the deadline. A Personal Data Form will be sent to each nominee.

RECOGNITION: Induction into the Hall of Fame takes place at the League’s annual convention. A photo-etched plaque of each inductee will also be displayed in the Credit Union Hall of Fame, located in the League office.

ELIGIBILITY: Any person who has given long-term paid or volunteer service to the credit union movement is eligible. The immediate past chairman of the Indiana Credit Union League automatically will be considered for the Hall of Fame. Current directors and employees of the League and Servicecorp are not eligible to receive the award.

CRITERIA: To be inducted into the Indiana Credit Union Hall of Fame, the recipient must:

  • be a volunteer, employee and/or member of a credit union that is a member of the League.

  • have served on the League board, a League committee, as a chapter official and/or on the national level.

  • have selflessly given exceptional time, effort and talent to the betterment of the Indiana credit union movement.

  • have served, assisted or been involved in the credit union movement for more than 20 years.

  • be in good standing in the community.

  • understand and personify the credit union philosophy of "People Helping People," promote the credit union ideal and actively demonstrate loyalty to the entire organized credit union movement.

  • have demonstrated organizational leadership, high professional standards, volunteer contributions to the movement and technical innovations in credit union service.

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