Cindy DukeCindy Duke

Cindy Duke

Professional Achievement Award Winner 2016

Cindy has been with the credit union 29 years, and has been the CEO for 24. During her tenure, she has made impressive progress, adding products and services to meet the needs of the credit union’s 14,000 members. Under her leadership, Natco CU has had significant growth. It was $44 million in assets when she began, and has assets in excess of $78 million today. Cindy believes in creating future credit union leaders and providing a high quality work experience for her team. She provides rigorous lending and leadership training for her staff of 49 so they can serve the complex needs of the credit union’s members, many of whom have challenging situations in their financial lives as well as in their personal lives.
In working with some credit-challenged members, Cindy saw a need to help them move from poverty to self-sustainability. The Natco Community Empowerment Center was established as a result. Under her careful watch, the award-winning center opened in Richmond in 2013. It is a place where citizens of Richmond and surrounding areas can get valuable community resources such as résumé writing, job interview preparation, and all-important financial education and counseling. The center is a partner with the United Way’s Circles® program, it is a VITA site, and recently established 501(c)(3) status so it can apply for more grants to provide additional community service. Cindy is also an active community volunteer and she has served on several League committees over the years.
Through the establishment of the center, and through her work with Natco CU, Cindy has exemplified credit unions’ People Helping People philosophy.

Award Criteria

The Indiana Credit Union League's Professional Achievement Award was created in 1990 to recognize paid credit union managers who have selflessly given of themselves to promote the credit union ideal and better the credit union movement in Indiana. 

METHOD: The Awards Committee may select one person per year based upon the criteria relating to credit union, chapter, League, national, volunteer and community activities. The Awards Committee or leadership of any chapter or credit union in Indiana may submit names by completing and returning the nomination form.

RECOGNITION: The winner will be announced at the annual convention. In addition, the recipient’s name will be added to a plaque in the lobby area of the League’s office that lists winners of this award.

ELIGIBILITY: The nominee must be a paid, full-time manager/CEO of a League-affiliated credit union. Current directors and employees of the League and Servicecorp are not eligible to receive the award.

CRITERIA: Candidates for the Professional Achievement Award must:

  • be in good standing in the community.
  • understand and personify the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People.”
  • promote the credit union ideal and actively demonstrate loyalty to the entire organized credit union movement.
  • exhibit leadership and management ability.
  • be able to coordinate and work with volunteers and paid staff.
  • have a record of success in maintaining or improving the financial fitness of his/her own credit union.
  • exhibit an unselfish devotion to his/her duties as a credit union professional.
  • be dedicated to and believe in the importance and value of continuing education and training.
  • have success in the development and expansion of services to members of his/her own credit union.

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