Find a Credit Union

Web content information for credit unions

Keeping your credit union’s records up to date in the Find a Credit Union database will make it easier for potential members to locate your credit union and its branch offices.

To access your credit union’s records in this national database, either click on the Find a Credit Union link on the League home page (, or go directly to In the lower right corner of the page, click on "Update Your Records."

Log in using your Find a Credit Union username and password. 

If you have forgotten your password or if you don't have one, click on "Forgot Password," and the information will be sent to the email address for the Find a Credit Union contact person at your credit union.

If you have questions, or if you wish to assign a different Find a Credit Union contact person, please call the League at (800) 285-5300.

As you begin updating your credit union’s records, the video tutorials below may be helpful.

“How to edit a credit union record.” Length -  3:55

“Updating CU Affiliation Data.” Length -  3:59

How to add CU branches.” Length -  3:25​