How to get materials for use by your credit union

TV and radio spots:

These were all produced in Pennsylvania under the direction of the PCUA. To get spots for use at your credit union, contact Jay Young, Director PCUA Marketing or call him 800-932-0661. Make him aware of format requirements, upload instructions, and/or any specs that are unique to your request. Depending on your request, you may be asked to pay for shipping or upload charges.

Billboard Art:

Art for four billboards has already been created by the League using the campaign elements that are available. You can view them here.The files are large so, contact Kay Neidlinger at or 800-285-52300, ext. 5343 to get them sent or uploaded to the appropriate end point.

Web banners:

Art for four web banners has already been created by the League using the campaign elements that are available. You can get themhere.

Elements to use to create your own print materials:

These are managed by CU Ink, a credit union-owned CUSO that works in connection with PCUA, and stored on their website. You can use any of the elements to create materials for your credit union. Access them vian these instructions:

  • Visit
  • Click on the iBelong logo, located lower right. This will take you to the iBelong Campaign Support page.
  • From this page, choose “Logos & Images.” You will need to enter a username and password to proceed. Passwords are case-sensitive. 
    Username: indcul 
    Password: iBelong
  • From here you can view logos and images from both campaigns, and download the images. Note: For our campaign we used the 2010 logo.
The contact person at CU Ink is Lynn. You can reach her at 800-442-3676, ext. 103, if you have questions about downloading the files from the site. There are also some ready-to-print materials and other items that have been used by credit unions in other states.

When the iBelong campaign was first launched, materials were licensed to the League through the end of the year, and they are available for use to campaign participants. As a participant, here are things you should be aware of if you would like to use the campaign materials to promote membership at your credit union. 

What’s available

The materials the League licensed include TV spots, audio for radio spots and all elements from the campaign that was developed by the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association (PCUA) in 2007 and updated in 2010.

TV spots: Our campaign used four of the spots. The ones we used can be viewed here. There are 21 spots in all that were created by PCUA and licensed to the League. They can be viewed here. If you page through the ribbon near the bottom of the page, you can click on each spot to view and listen to it.

Radio spots: The audio for the TV spots can be used for radio. Spots are :15 and :30

Billboard art: Four boards were created by the Indiana League. A variety of sizes are available You can view them here.

Web banners: Four web banners were created by the League in the following sizes: 160 x 600 pixels, 300 x 250 pixels, 328 x 71 pixels and 728 x 90 pixels. You can view them here. Elements from the print campaign: (logos, images, etc.) for use in creating your own materials.

What to do when your materials are ready

Feel free to use the materials that already exist right away. If you make changes to existing materials, or create new designs for advertisements, lobby displays, web pages, direct mail, etc., the licensing agreement specifies that they must be approved by the PCUA. Your proofs can be emailed to Jay Young, Director PCUA Marketing at

A reminder about dates

Based on the licensing agreement between the Indiana League and the PCUA, the campaign and its elements may be used until Dec. 31, 2012. Please do not use them for media commitments or credit union promotions that will take place after that date.

List of participants

The iBelong materials are available to all of the credit unions listed below.

Indiana Credit Unions

Allegius FCU
Ball State FCU
Beacon CU
Chiphone FCU
Clark County IN Teachers FCU
Community Spirit CU 
CommunityWide FCU 
Crane FCU 
Dearborn County Hospital
Encompass FCU 
Energy Plus CU 
Evansville FCU 
Evansville Teachers FCU
Finance Center FCU 
Financial Builders FCU
Financial Health FCU 
Financial Partners FCU 
Fire Police City County FCU
First Trust CU 
Harvester FCU 
Haynes Community FCU
HealthCare Professionals FCU
Hoosier Farm Bureau FCU
Hoosier Hills CU 
Independent FCU 
Indiana Members CU 
Indiana State University FCU
Industrial Centre FCU
Interra CU 
Jackson County Co-op CU
Link CU 
Members Choice FCU 
Members Source FCU 
Midwest Carpenters & Millwrights FCU
Midwest Family FCU 
Natco CU 
Northern Indiana FCU 
NorthPark Community CU
Notre Dame FCU 
Policemen's FCU 
Prime Trust Financial 
Professional Police Officers CU
Public Service CU 
South Bend Post Office CU
Taper Lock CU 
Teachers CU 
Tech CU 
Via CU 
Whitewater Regional FCU

Kentucky Credit Unions

Autotruck Financial Credit Union
Class Act FCU
Fort Knox FCU
Jefferson County FCU
Kentucky Telco
Louchem FCU
Park Community FCU

Please email if you have any questions, or if there is additional information or assistance that would help you use these materials to their fullest potential.​