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ignite provides a forum for new idea exchange/implementation, collaboration and networking for Indiana’s credit union leaders and emerging leaders. An emphasis will be placed on implementing ideas and projects at Indiana credit unions and developing a track record of results.

The success of the Filene Research Institute’s i3 initiative has fueled the quest for an extended program that can operate and implement at the state level. The presence of talented members of Filene’s i3group from Indiana is an added benefit of this statewide program whose purpose is tied to enhancing the success of Hoosier credit unions.

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ignite is a joint venture between the Indiana Credit Union League and Indiana’s credit union representatives who are directly associated with the Filene Research Institute’s i3 group. It is comprised of two elements: 1) Educational sessions that focus on innovation and provide professional development 2) Working groups that develop new ideas and are responsible for encouraging credit unions to implement them.

The Filene Research Institute’s i3 group is a working group composed of credit union professionals from across North America who have not reached the CEO level, but are in a position of substantial responsibility at their credit unions. They develop, pilot and implement innovative ideas for the credit union movement during a three-year term. Currently the ignite Leadership Team includes Doug True, FORUM CU (alumnus and member of the inaugural i3group), and Bob Falk, Purdue EFCU. Nan Morrow, Centra CU, was a founding member of the Leadership Team.

Doug True
Doug True

Bob Falk
Bob Falk

Who can participate?

ignite is for individuals in senior management or in roles involved with innovation at Indiana credit unions who are especially interested in exploring and implementing new ideas to enhance credit union success. Particular emphasis is placed on the involvement of non-CEO senior management staff, or the “emerging leaders” who represent the next generation of Indiana’s credit union leadership.

Completed applications are required to be considered for ignite. The Leadership Team will select the participants in ignite based on information provided through the application process.

Elements of the ignite program

Educational events
igniters will have the opportunity to attend education sessions covering topics important to ignite such as entrepreneurialism, new ideas, technology, etc. The League will coordinate with the ignite Leadership Team regarding the content of these sessions. Additional sessions of interest to igniters may be included on the League’s education calendar. These sessions would be designated as free to ignite participants.

Working groups 
The individuals selected for working groups will make a two-year commitment to the ignite program. The entire group will meet face-to-face multiple times during the year, with other, small group meetings taking place as necessary. Expenses to attend these meetings are the responsibility of each participant’s credit union.

Igniters will also have the opportunity to discuss ignite innovations at Chapter meetings, the League’s annual convention and at other conferences.

The composition of the working groups will be selected by the leadership team and announced at the first full group meeting each year.

Web-based exchange of information
A password-protected ignite online portal has been developed to facilitate communication and exchange of information and ideas between members of the working groups and/or other individuals as appropriate to support the efforts of the ignite working groups.

Summary of the roles of the organizers

Selecting participants from Indiana Credit unions based on their applications for the working groups. ignite Leadership Team
Assign participants to working groups ignite Leadership Team
Monitor progress of projects and initiatives developed by the working groups ignite Leadership Team
Hosting education sessions Indiana Credit Union League
Develop content for education sessions Done jointly
Make portal and other communications vehicles available to the members of the ignite working group Indiana Credit Union League
Promote the ignite program and its projects, sharing results as appropriate with other affiliates who can benefit Indiana Credit Union Leauge


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