Front-Line Staff Webinar Series: Extraordinary Member Service - Part 2: Great Cross-Servicing & Profiling

Event Date: Thursday, April 25, 2013
Time: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Category: Education
Event Fee: $169.00
Registration Deadline: Friday, April 19, 2013


Session Description
Program Overview
This four-part webinar series is a perfect way to provide training for your entire staff! The course will focus on providing the member with a boutique level of service in order to help your member’s - and your credit union’s - financial position. First, we will cover the initial skill of actively listening to uncover basic financial needs and making a qualified referral; next, we'll ask great questions to discover additional needs in order to help the member and increase share of wallet; then, we'll lay out the plan to stay in touch with members, knowing they're more likely to purchase additional products and services immediately following a new account opening; finally, we'll close the series by identifying ways to create member loyalty, where the member not only stays with your credit union, but is more likely to make active referrals as well.
Session #1 – April 18, 2013: Listening for Opportunities
By the end of this online program, participants will know specifically how they can help members improve their financial situation. They will know how to reduce the member’s financial stress by listening for opportunities that show a qualified need - and they'll know what to do to help the member. Participants will learn how to listen to a member who is describing a lifestyle event through ordinary conversation. Participants will also learn how to effectively refer a member to the expert professional at the credit union who can help them without product pushing. This session will cover the following topics:
  • Service is the key
  • Critical role of the teller
  • Opportunities to help
  • Lifecycle events
  • Designing the referral form
  • Action Plan
Session #2 – April 25, 2013: Great Cross-Servicing & Profiling
By the end of the clinic, participants will have a clear understanding of how they can ask great questions to get members to open up to them - and then the credit union professional will be in a position to help the member solve their personal financial situation. This will help the credit union increase share of wallet - all while focusing on the member’s real needs without product pushing. This session will cover the following topics:
  • Introductory Discussion
  • Vision Review
  • Definition of Cross-Servicing
  • Profiling Member Financial Needs
  • Benefits Credit Unions Offer to Members
  • Generational Selling
  • Value-Added Products to Bundle
  • Reports and Records Used to Identify Opportunities
  • Benefits & Features Discussion
  • Drafting an Action Plan for Skills Transfer
Session #3 – May 9, 2013: On Boarding - Constant Member Contact
By the end of the clinic, participants will have a clear understanding of their role in "touching" the member after a new account has been opened. We will share best practices for member follow up, in order to improve your own credit union’s member relationships. We will formalize the timeline and actions to be taken and who will be expected to make the contact for each intervention. This session will cover the following topics:
  • Introductory Discussion
  • Discussing the New Account Experience for Members - Sharing Best Practices
  • Identifying Contact Criteria for Follow Up
  • Formalizing Follow Up Plan Frequency
  • Identifying Contact Criteria for Follow Up
  • Drafting the Member Follow Up Note
  • Scripting the Member Follow Up Phone Call
  • Discussing Challenges and Opportunities
  • Drafting an Action Plan for Implementation
Session #4 – May 16, 2013: Red Carpet Service
Member loyalty is the real game for credit unions. The loyal member refers others to the credit union and buys additional products and services from you. Red Carpet Service is a process that begins improving the member experience and results right as the member opens the door to your credit union. This collection of retail best practices and processes focuses on the first 90 days of the member encounter. This session will cover the following topics:
  • Introductory Discussion
  • Member Stability and Retention
  • Red Carpet Exercise
  • Personalize the Credit Union Experience
  • First Impressions
  • Member Feedback and Employee Rewards
  • Creating "WOW"
  • Clear and Concise Standards
  • Our Vision
  • Action Plan
Educational Investment
The educational investment for this session is a choice of the following:
·   $169 per single webinar connection
·   $189 for an archive link
·   $269 for both a single webinar connection and an archive link
NEW IN 2013: Archive registrations will allow credit unions to access the archive files for the remaining calendar year of 2013, expiring on 12/31/2013. There is no limit to the number of times the archive files can be viewed prior to the expiration date.
Registration deadline for Session #1: April 12
Registration deadline for Session #2: April 19
Registration deadline for Session #3: April 29
Registration deadline for Session #4: May 6
Speaker Bio
Jennie Sobecki is a Senior Partner of Focused Results, LLC, concentrating in results-driven process consulting and training experience in community banks and FI's. An expert in designing and implementing sales efforts and processes, Ms. Sobecki designs solutions to drive top line growth through better utilization and training of existing sales forces, including sales management. Prior to joining Focused Results, Ms. Sobecki was Director of Sales and Marketing for a $3 billion bank holding company, Sales Manager for a high performing mid-level credit union, and Director of Corporate Training for a large Midwest insurance company. A charismatic speaker and consultant, Ms. Sobecki consults with numerous financial service organizations on revenue, sales, sales leadership, and organizational performance.
Agenda (all times shown are local time)
10:30 – 11:30 a.m. ET (Indianapolis time)
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