September 20, 2013
To​ ​Fraud Alert Contacts
​Kay Neidlinger
Fake checks appear to be from Purdue FCU
The League has learned that Via CU checks are being used by someone perpetrating a scam on Craigslist. The scam includes offering a job to a respondent, and then paying them with one of thefraudulent checks. The amounts of the checks are either $1,940 or $2,450. Victims of the scam seem to come from most states in the U.S., and more checks could be circulating. Please be aware of this situation and share the information with your staff.
The checks are a good forgery; however, legitimate checks from Via CU do not say “Cashier’s Check” on them, nor do they say “Void after 180 days.” The fraudulent checks show an orange Via CU logo at the bottom, whereas legitimate ones use a black logo at the top. A copy of the fraudulent check is attached.
For details, contact Taha Boles, Director of Risk Management at the Credit Union at or (765) 674-6631, ext. 132.
If there are individuals at your credit union that should receive Fraud Alerts, or if you would like to be removed from this list, please send a reply email.