April 30, 2013

Free webinar tomorrow addresses potential website attacks on May 7

CUNA has alerted Leagues and credit unions about a potential Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber attack. CUNA indicates there has been “chatter” detected about a potential widespread attack that could be planned for May 7.
CUNA's Technology Council will hosting a FREE webinar tomorrow, and this topic is featured on the agenda. Details about the webinar, including a registration link, are located here.  

DDoS attacks are attempts to disrupt or suspend online service by saturating a target’s network with external communication requests to overload its server. CUNA’s News Now online news source published an article which has additional details. The article includes some measures that credit unions may want to consider such as monitoring Internet traffic, alerting members and educating call center staff. The full article is available here.    

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