Accepting applications for ignite

Friday, November 02, 2012
TO: Managers/CEOs
Affiliated Credit Unions
FROM: John McKenzie
League President
This email is being sent on behalf of the League and the ignite Leadership Team — League Board Secretary Doug True, who is CEO at FORUM CU; Purdue FCU President/CEO Bob Falk; and Centra CU Director of Marketing, Branch Sales, and Brand Image Nan Morrow. They are seeking applicants for the 2013 ignite working groups. There are ignite members who are completing their two-year terms at the end of 2012. The application deadline is Nov. 30. The ignite presentations at Convention last month provided the audience with insights into how much is being accomplished through this initiative.
It began as a joint venture between these three individuals and the League to foster the exchange of ideas, innovation and collaboration among management staff at Indiana credit unions. During the time the initiative has been in place, 20 innovations have been developed by the working groups, with credit unions in Indiana and elsewhere adopting many of them. With their experience as members of the Filene Research Council’s i3 initiative, Doug, Bob and Nan have developed a program that is addressing issues and opportunities faced by credit unions.
Participation in the ignite initiative is open to those in senior management or in roles involved with innovation at Indiana credit unions who are especially interested in exploring and implementing new ideas to enhance credit union success. Participation is based on an application and selection process. Particular emphasis is placed on the involvement of non-CEO senior management staff, or the “emerging leaders” who represent the next generation of Indiana’s credit union leadership. We encourage you to visit the League’s website at for more information. This page includes an application. For your convenience, there is also an ignite application attached to this email. (Click here for that attachment.)
We encourage you to review this information and consider if a management representative at your credit union may want to apply to be part of the ignite working groups. Please note again that application materials need to be received by Nov. 30. If you or others from your credit union have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the ignite Leadership Team or the League as follows:
Doug True:, (317) 558-6206
Bob Falk:, (765) 497-7481
Nan Morrow:, (812) 314-0245
John McKenzie: (800) 285-5300, ext. 5320
Joe Guilfoy:, (800) 285-5300, ext. 5313
Kay Neidlinger:, (800) 285-5300, ext. 5343