News Release: 2011 igniters selected in Indiana

Thursday, February 03, 2011
Twelve Indiana credit union representatives have been selected to be part of ignite, an initiative of the Indiana Credit Union League that is focused on developing innovations that can help credit unions better the financial lives of their members.
“We are fortunate to have so many talented and passionate Indiana credit union people wanting to be part of ignite,” said League Director Doug True, FORUM CU who is a member of the three-member ignite Leadership Team along with Bob Falk, Purdue FCU and Nan Morrow, Centra CU. “We chose from among some very impressive candidates to select this year’s group,” he said.
“Under the direction of our Leadership Team, the ignite initiative has thrived in Indiana,” said League President John McKenzie. “The credit union support has been tremendous, as many have shared some of their most capable and gifted staff members.”
At the group’s meeting later this month, which marks the fourth year the ignite initiative has been in existence, the igniters will be organized into small working groups, and they will begin developing their 2011 innovations. Twelve innovations have been developed to date. Several ignite innovations have been adopted by credit unions in Indiana and elsewhere. To promote them, members of the working groups make presentations during the League Convention and at several chapter meetings around the state. A list of innovations is available on the League Web site at, and there is an ignite Facebook page as well.
New igniters:
Each of these individuals will serve a two-year term.
Stacy Lengacher, Crane FCU
Amanda Middleton, Finance Center FCU
Bridgetta Bullock, Finance Center FCU
Jen Wolfe, FORUM CU
Clinton Miller, General CU
Cindy Crowley, Heritage FCU
Lynette McClusky, Heritage FCU
Brett Rinker, Industrial Centre FCU
Chris Smith, Interra CU
Kelly Johns, Partners 1st FCU
Jackie Hofman, Purdue FCU
Tara Holloway, Teachers CU
Continuing igniters:
These individuals are in the second year of their two-year terms.
Janet Shaffer, Afena FCU
Kathy Houghtalen, Beacon CU
Chad Kiser, Centra CU
Emily Pierle, Eli Lilly FCU
Cari Palmer, Energy Plus CU
Nikki Healy, Fire Police City County FCU
Andrew Spirrison, FORUM CU
Carma Parrish, Perfect Circle CU
Daniel Woodhouse, Teachers CU
About ignite: The initiative is a joint venture between the Indiana Credit Union League and three Indiana credit union representatives who are alumni of the Filene Research Institute’s i3 group. It is focused on developing innovations that can help credit unions better the financial lives of their members.