News Release: Third annual dues rebate and other extra steps help Indiana CUs

Tuesday, February 01, 2011
Scholarships, rebates among offerings from League and Servicecorp

In recognition of the challenging economy and its affect on credit unions and their members, the Indiana League and its Servicecorp have begun 2011 by taking several steps to provide financial assistance to affiliates and help them meet those challenges.

“We know credit unions are working hard to deal with the impact of the continuing financial challenges presented by the current economic environment,” said League President John McKenzie. “Our 2011 budget reflects an overall picture where a strong retained earnings situation positions us to continue the focus we’ve had for several years on additional financial support for affiliates and client credit unions. Several efforts are underway.”
  • Dues rebates to keep the net amount affiliates pay at the prior year’s level for the past two years and in 2011. Those rebates total more than $160,000 for 2009-2011.
  • Financial assistance to emphasize the importance the League places on advocacy by helping more Indiana credit union representatives attend the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC). This assistance has totaled more than $80,000 during the past three years. More than 100 Indiana credit union representatives will be at the GAC later this month.
  • Rebates from Servicecorp to lower the cost to attend education sessions and for planning sessions has totaled $60,000 for 2009-2011. This is in addition to scholarships from the Indiana Credit Union Foundation that have provided another $75,000 in financial assistance for those three years.