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IT Assessments

Do you know where you are with Cybersecurity Compliance & Risks?

Cybersecurity has become the number one concern among all business. Annual IT Audits help you protect your business operations and identify risks. 

Do you know where you are with Cybersecurity compliance? An IT Assessment identifies and quantifies security vulnerabilities in your IT environment. Our security experts evaluate weaknesses that attackers will target and provide mitigation options to eliminate or reduce your risk. Our consultants will collect information about your computing environment, identify vulnerabilities, remove false positives, and offer prioritized recommendations in a custom report that’s perfect for both executives and technical staff.

  An IT Assessment covers:

  • Endpoints and network infrastructure: A review of business IT systems to provide visibility into fundamental security issues.
  • Review windows patching and 3rd party patching of Pc’s and Server’s along with Switches, Wireless Access Points, and Routers/Firewalls.
  • Active Directory Policy review and any a checklist review of written IT policies to evaluate compliance with FFIEC requirements.
  • Critical assets: Protect your facilities, systems, and equipment that could cause costly downtime for your business if attacked.
  • Wireless network: Ensure your wireless infrastructure isn’t an entry point to your network for a local attacker or guests.
  • Vulnerability scan
  • IT best practices review
  • And more...


If you are unsure of any of these items, then an annual IT Assessment should be performed.

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