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Penetration Tests

A penetration test is outside in attempt to gain access to your internal network or servers. Are you at risks?

Cybersecurity has become the number one concern among all business. An annual Penetration Test can help you protect your business operations and identify risks. 

Each of our assessments is based on vendor and industry best practices. Commonly referenced standards include ISO, NIST, OWASP, and CIS along with the PTES and those published by SANS. From these standards, our team derives a set of functional categories that are considered the most important areas for the specific assessment and will serve as the foundation for its analysis.  The assessment team has trained experts in the information security field. 

Key deliverables:

  • Validate target hosts with the client and perform external reconnaissance as scheduled from the Internet.
  • Perform vulnerability scan against authorized target hosts as scheduled from the Internet.
  • Select vulnerability targets for exploitation and confirm with Client.
  • Perform exploitation against vulnerability targets and document findings
  • Collect results, analyze, and prioritize the discovered issues based on the Client’s stated goals, threats, and environment.
  • Document results of analysis and prepare a report with explanations and recommendations for remediation.
  • Present report to Client and review together, highlighting significant findings.

Choose from a lite ($1500) or full ($5500*) penetration test to suit your requirements.



If you have not had a Penetration Test since your last audit, the Auditors and Examiner have been requiring  businesses to have one .

*Small Penetration Test, Medium and large are different pricing tiers.

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