Servicecorp Brokered IT 

Telephone & Internet

Are you paying too much or getting to little for your services?

Servicecorp has partnered with TruWerks, a national telecommunications broker and consulting organization, to help advise and recommend to our clients the most efficient means to optimize and streamline communications’ services. 


Telephone Systems:
Do you have an on-premise telephone system? Let us help scope and implement a VOIP solution to maximize your efficiency and improve communication, while lowering your total cost of ownership. Communication through advanced hosted VOIP solutions can have a positive impact on your customer relationships and save you money.


Internet Services:
Access to quality data connectivity is vital in today’s competitive landscape. With our extensive tools, we can identify options for connectivity very quickly. Whether it be fiber, broadband or wireless, TruWerks can quickly source availability in your area.


Telephony Audits:
Frustrated with your telecom invoices and don’t know all the lines and circuits you have? Let TruWerks do the detective work and build a clean inventory, including contract terms, service address, and anticipated monthly rates that you can quickly compare when a new bill comes.


Let us show you how we can help!

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