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Founded by a Leadership Team that includes FORUM CU’s Doug True and Purdue FCU’s Bob Falk
who are both featured on this informational video, ignite has had a strong track record of achievements throughout its short history. 
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One of the many benefits to ignite is the freedom to create an innovation for credit unions to help them address challenges they may be facing. The ignite initiative is designed to teach the next generation of credit union leaders to think strategically and to gain valuable experience in several areas through teamwork and project development. To get an idea of the previous innovations past igniters have created, click here.

What is ignite?

  • Two-year program where participants will learn about the different aspects of the credit union industry
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded credit union individuals from across the state
  • Building teamwork and collaboration skills by developing a credit union innovation
  • Hands-on project management and activities that will enhance participants’ potential as future leaders at their credit unions.
  • Complimentary registration at the League’s Annual Convention and access to other educational events that offer the opportunity to hear from leaders inside and outside the credit union industry on timely topics.

ignite has evolved since it was founded in 2007. Some newly added elements of the program include:

  • Problem solving through a comprehensive case study.
  • Structured professional development in areas such as analysis, presentation skills, strategic thinking, project management and more.
  • A year-round schedule of activity for participants.
  • A new approach to mentoring that includes working with ignite alumni.