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Where experience meets your plan.

In the true spirit of the credit union’s model – people helping people – the Loaned Expert Program encompasses these values within the confines of Indiana’s very own credit unions. There is a wealth of knowledge that stretches across the great state of Indiana in all aspects of the credit union. Since not all credit unions have experts in all fields to help them achieve their goals, create internal efficiencies, structure or develop internal and external improvements, the Loaned Expert Program can bridge that gap between having a vision or plan and executing that vision or plan.


How does the Loaned Expert Program Work?

  • Credit unions that have resources or staff with expertise in the fields listed below are encouraged to fill out the Lending Credit Union Application and become part of the resource pool. For CEO or managers at your credit union, the Loaned Expert Program acts as a great development plan for up and coming staff, broadening their credit union network, and developing leadership skills.
  • Credit unions that are in need of subject matter experts are encouraged to fill out our Requesting Credit Union Application. This is a free way to get the help you need.
  • After the application has been received, the League will provide several candidates to the requesting credit union based on need, resources, time, logistics and feedback from both parties involved. This will allow the requesting credit union an opportunity to interview candidates in order to find the best fit for their needs.

Who is a Loaned Expert?

A Loaned Expert is a Indiana credit union employee or resource vetted by the League. They are considered experts in their field and have the desire to share their knowledge and aid other credit unions to the best of their ability.    
Areas of consulting include:
  • Accounting/Budgeting/ALM
  • Board Governance
  • Information Technology
  • Internal Controls/Compliance/Recordkeeping
  • Lending/Collections
  • Marketing
  • Process Improvements/Efficiencies
  • Product Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Other
Check out our iLEP Working Agreement and get started today!
You may apply for an Indiana Credit Union Foundation grant to cover agreed upon expenses associated with a borrowed employee through the iLEP. If you have any questions, please contact Joe Guilfoy, VP Consulting & Education at the League who also functions as executive director of the ICUF.